ZNE Buildings, DG, and the Electricity System

Resource Refocus LLC worked with the PG&E Zero Net Energy Pilot Program and Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) to coordinate a forum titled “Zero Net Energy Buildings, Distributed Generation and the Electricity System: New Types of Relationships.” The event was held at the Brower Center in Berkeley, California, on March 6, 2012.

At the event, Rocky Mountain Institute presented key findings from a study conducted for PG&E. The event also included a moderated panel of key stakeholders, including Christina Page (Director of Climate and Energy Strategy, Yahoo!, Inc.), Kenneth Munson (President and CEO, Sunverge Energy, Inc.), Stephen Frantz (Program Planner, Sacramento Municipal Utility District), Victor Olgyay (Principal, Rocky Mountain Institute), Nolan Zail (Senior Vice President of Development, Carmel Partners), and David Rubin (Director of Service Analysis, PG&E).

The final RMI report, “Net Energy Metering, Zero Net Energy and The Distributed Energy Resource Future; Adapting for the 21st Century,” can be downloaded from the RMI website here. You can also read an RMI blog post about issues raised in the report here.


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